CBS switcheroo update

Paul Bacchiocchi
Wed Aug 12 12:21:38 EDT 2009

They're still doing the "nightlight" and I would think they'd do that 
through at least afternoon drive or until midnight when WBZ-FM kicks in.

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> For the sake of completeness, and because a few people asked, once Mix
> programming
> was on 104.1, there was a "nightlight" service of sorts running on
> 98.5.  This featured
> various personalities stating that they had moved over to 104.1.
> Another spot would ask
> "Is this what you looking for" followed by ten seconds of a popular
> song.  Next, they
> would instruct you to "reset your preset"  to 104.1.
> I heard this around 2am and could only take about 5 minutes of this
> continuous loop.  I'm
> not sure exactly when they stopped and went over to the new format.
> -Bob

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