CBS switcheroo update

Roger Kirk
Wed Aug 12 02:22:13 EDT 2009

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> I guess the legal ID will be something on the lines of "WBZ and WBZ-
> FM-HD2."  Makes a lot more sense than a WODS ID. 
BZ re-cut their TOH ID for today and at 11:59:50 tonight I heard:

WBZ, WBZ-HD & WBZ-FM-HD-2, Boston

It sounded like Gary LaPierre.

FWIW: Steve Leveille discussed the switch in depth tonight and Bradley J 
came in from his gig "the last show on WBCN" to talk about it.  Steve 
even mentioned stations ike WEEI & WRKO.  I thought that was verboten.

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