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Wed Aug 12 01:09:44 EDT 2009

As WBCN left rhe air on 104.1 at about 12:06 AM Wednesday morning 8/11,  having (apparently) turned off their carrier (if that's proper terminology for FM) a barrel of white noise appeared and in the backgrouns what sounded like a legal ID - the voice said:
"WMFX HD 1  Boston"  Then silence except for the white noise.
I was glad their legal ID at 12 MN ended with "The Boston Concert Network" -  which is what I said on my weekly Sunday afternoon
program in the mid-60's - Festival of Folk Music.
Tom Heathwood
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  It was just announced on BCN that Hardy will co-host a Saturday show
  on BZ-FM with Jerry Trupiano

  Anyhow if today is BCN's last day of rock and BZ-FM doesn't start
  until Thursday what happens tomorrow?

  Will WBMX be on both 98.5 and 104.1?

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