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> Thanks Donna: I'll check it out later today. When I was a kid I had the 
> fun of rebuilding a 1948 Motorola 6" TV that I found on a sidewalk. It was 
> like watching a show on an oscilloscope, but lots of fun for a nerdy kid.
> t
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>> At 01:39 PM 8/11/2009, Ted Larsen wrote:
>>>Here is are fascinating bits of info on Boston's first TV station, W1XAY 
>>>and it mentions Donna.
>>>Perhaps she wrote it. Does anyone know if the Boston Post mention is 
>>>correct?  "With 48 lines of res. and 18 fps," it must have been viewed 
>>>with homemade sets with tiny screens.
>> Ah yes, wikipedia basically stealing my stuff and not even saying thank 
>> you.  Here's the article I wrote about W1XAY and it's quite thorough. 
>> (And yes, 1928 TV was very experimental and the picture quality would 
>> indeed have been awful.  That is why many critics saw no future in it at 
>> that time-- GE was also experimenting with TV and their first broadcast 
>> was so bad the critics complained it was 
>> unwatchable...http://www.tvhistory.tv/W1XAY.htm

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