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On 9 Aug 2009 at 12:36, Bob DeMattia wrote:

> Perhaps I missed this on the BRI discussions.  The WBCN website
> declares "The Rock of Boston Moves to 98.5-2FM on August 13". So this
> means 'WBCN' programming will continue on the HD2 channel? Clever,
> since on most radios you have to stumble across the HD1 channel to get
> to the HD2.  Since the target audience is similar for both formats. -
> Bob

That would seem to provide a good reason to put WBCN programming on 
98.5 HD2 instead of 104.1 HD2.  Since 98.5 will be sports, anyone 
looking for "WBCN" won't be tempted to stay around or mistake WBZ-FM 
for WBCN.

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