extending FM band down to 76 MHz

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sun Aug 2 22:54:20 EDT 2009

On 2 Aug 2009 at 8:28, Bob Nelson wrote:

> But I wonder if such a thing would happen. Obviously pre-existing
> radios won't be able to pick up the "new" freqs though with time new
> radios would be made to include 76.1 to 87.9 (etc) What would go
> there...community radio/LPFMs? Pirates? (they'd look the other way,
> since most people won't be able to pick up those freqs at first,
> anyway?) Commercial stations? Hmm.

Well, if I'm remembering correctly, the AM band has been extended 
twice.  Somewhere back in the early days, it used to end around 1500 
and was extended to 1600, and more recently it has been extended to 
1700, immediately enhancing the usefulness of old radios that were 
set to receive the old police band at 1700.

A lot the AM Extended Band  has been good for, but the older band 
extension has been filled up to the point where we can't tell the 
difference any more.

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