extending FM band down to 76 MHz

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sun Aug 2 09:28:40 EDT 2009

I noticed on Wikipedia, in an entry on the "FM band" that last year the FCC said it would look into the possibility
of extending the FM band down to 76 MHz, perhaps in the interest of broadcast diversity. It was said public comment
was welcome. The article said that the Japanese FM broadcast band is 76-90 MHz (only such instance in the world?) and
here in US FM began at 88.1 (or perhaps some at 87.9? LPFMs?) so as not to cause interference with Ch 5 or Ch 6 analog.

But I wonder if such a thing would happen. Obviously pre-existing radios won't be able to pick up the "new" freqs
though with time new radios would be made to include 76.1 to 87.9 (etc) What would go there...community radio/LPFMs?
Pirates? (they'd look the other way, since most people won't be able to pick up those freqs at first, anyway?) Commercial stations?

My tech knowledge is very limited but it's interesting to think about.

--Bob Nelson

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