Phillies Announcer Harry Kalas Has Passed Away

Bill O'Neill
Mon Apr 13 21:18:18 EDT 2009

Dan Billings wrote:
> Great pipes.  He was born to voice NFL films.
> Sad, but not a bad way to go for someone who loved the game.

Dan, you hit that one out of the park <ducking>.  My wife dropped her 
glass when we saw the news of the gentleman's passing and I exclaimed, 
"Man, what a GREAT DEATH!"  And I meant it.  If the story is true that 
he was in the booth prepping for the game, wow. 

A tip-o-the-cans. # 30 # 

May we all go out doing what we love. Hey, it sure beats adult diapers, 
oatmeal on the chin, while singing the alphabet song to a wonderful 
Haitian speaking aide who deserves a medal.

Bill O'Neill

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