WHDH snubs Leno

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 03:06:14 EDT 2009

Speaking of pre-emptions, there was one point when WBZ, then an NBC
affiliate, wouldn't run
the then-new Late Night with David Letterman (IIRC, or was it the
Tomorrow show?) and Friday night's SCTV...they ran
"Hawaii Five O" reruns instead. SCTV regulars Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, who
played the ultra-Canadian McKenzie brothers, used to joke about
"hosers" on the show...
and one day, they made a guest appearance on WBCN. Someone called in and asked
them to define a "hoser". "Well, you know that people at the NBC
station in Boston who
won't run us? THAT is a hoser..."

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