white dome SW of Fitchburg

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Thu Sep 25 22:36:07 EDT 2008

Robert F. Sutherland wrote:
> Question of "what is it?" --- from my map viewings,
> perhaps is something not for the public to know,
> but I'm curious.
> SW of Fitchburg, area of Oak Hill Country Club, there are 2 towers,
> independent of each other.
> This is also SES of Waites Corner.
> My question is re the more north tower, 3 sided, self-standing, orange &
> white  
> (Google Earth reads 42:33:43, 71:50:04):
> Next to the tower is a white circular low dome, 
> the dome being my question.

I think the answer's right on that topo map, where it says "reservoir" - 
looks like a cap for an underground water tank!


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