Doug Broda dbroda@nycap.rr.com
Wed Sep 24 18:35:18 EDT 2008

Scott Fybush wrote:
> The first return of WGH falls into a different category. When WGH(AM) 
> became WNSY in 1983, there was no WGH-FM or WGH-TV keeping the base 
> call alive, and it took special FCC permission to return to WGH(AM) a 
> year later.
My bad in not spotting that. :)

BTW, I found a semi-parallel to the (K)KHJ situation. KMO Tacoma became 
KKMO -- and is now a Spanish-language station. Guess the ka-ka thing 
isn't as troublesome to them as in LA. :)
> There have been a few other examples in addition to KHJ and 
> WGH:...Which is to say, it's all politics - get the right DC lawyer 
> and appeal to the right people at the Media Bureau or the full 
> Commission, and you can get just about any call change passed.
Looks that way. Frankly, I'd be in favor of allowing any station to 
reclaim its heritage calls upon request, in the rather rare case that 
someone there cares about history.

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