Moving from AM to FM (was : Uncle Dale's replacement)

Sean Smyth
Sun Sep 21 16:22:38 EDT 2008

On Sun, 9/21/08, Dan.Strassberg <> wrote:
> I believe that, by Clear Channel's estimate, the
> WKOX/WRCA move was in
> the works for 12 years, and that may not be the whole
> length of time
> either, because Fairbanks started the ball rolling by
> buying and
> taking dark WNSW 1200 Brewer ME several years before CCU
> bought WKOX.
> Eliminating the Portland ME area signal was essential if
> WKOX was
> going to upgrade.

Ah, yes, the plan to move to the WNTN tower and run 50kw-ND...who could forget that?


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