Moving from AM to FM (was : Uncle Dale's replacement)

Aaron Read
Sun Sep 21 13:34:30 EDT 2008

 > Sure they could.  If CBS wanted to move the WBZ format to FM, they
 > would probably want to simulcast on both frequencies for awhile
 > anyway.  They could apply for WBZ-FM and since it's a co-owned
 > station in the same market, it would be granted without a problem.
 > Once the simulcasting was done and lets say 1030 changes it's call
 > letters...

Then CBS is left with a 50KW AM transmitter with no programming.

And virtually no value.


Surely you jest.  A clear-channelled 50kW AM has plenty of value, no 
matter what.  I'll bet you $75 million dollars that Entercom sure as 
hell would love to put the Sox on WBZ's signal!   And I don't know off 
the top of my head who's got the Celtics next year, but if the boys in 
Green are not on WBZ already, I'll bet you they wish they were.

So would the Bruins, I suppose, but who gives a crap about them, eh? 
;-)  j/k

Granted, Entercom buying 1030 and moving the Sox there - in turn - would 
somewhat devalue 850AM, but not all that much; WEEI's signal, despite 
it's nighttime issues, is still quite good.  I could see them getting 
well into eight figures for it.  If it doesn't get out of seven figures, 
well, I'll bet one of the pubradio outfits would figure out a way to buy 
it.  WBUR perhaps less so, but WGBH or WUMB could REALLY benefit from 
having 850's signal.

To pull back a bit...if AM is dead, or dying, then why did three 
companies fight so hard to complete the WUNR-WRCA-WKOX triplex? 
Obviously they think there's still substantial dollar value in AM or 
else they wouldn't have dropped millions in equipment, labor and 
man-hours to put it together.


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