W212AF, Nashua, NH

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 21:01:25 EDT 2008

Translators only have to ID with full calls and city of license 3 times a
day on the main signal.

Maybe NHPR has a second network of programming and thats what that
translator is for.. but I know nothing asbout NHPR.


On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 3:27 PM, Laurence Glavin <lglavin@mail.com> wrote:

> A few weeks ago, I noticed that Boston College FM station WZBC 90.3 was
> off-the-air most of the time.  Most college-owned and operated FM's with
> more
> than 10 watts seem to be able to operate about 18 hours a day every day
> during the summer.  But the absence of their signal made it possible to
> pick
> up what I thought was WAMC-FM, Albany, NY transmitting from atop Mt
> Greylock
> in fah northwestern Massachusetts.    But, except for periods of special
> atmospherics, the NPR station I picked up if I oriented my receiving
> antenna
> to get signals from that direction was NOT WAMC, but NHPR!  How can this
> be?
> NHPR was supposed to have abandoned its translator at 90.3 when WEVS-88.3
> FM
> went on the air!  And NHPR's hourly station IDs go on and on with
> rebroadcasters
> and translators from south to north, but not the one at 90.3.  A check of
> the
> FCC website reveals that indeed a station on that frequency exists:
>  W212AF,
> in Nashua.  How can this be?  It shares the same transmitter site, St.
> Joseph's
> Hospital west of downtown (although the FCC's contour map shows the tower
> site as just due EAST of downtown) with 15 watts (WEVS is 5,000 watts
> directional),
> so operation at 90.3 doesn't add anything the NHPR's coverage in the
> Gateway City.
> If NHPR isn't giving a station ID for W212AF, aren't they breaking the
> rules then?
> Wouldn't a translator on that frequency do them more good a few miles way
> in Milford?
> Radio sure is a strange business.
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Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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