On My Way Back From Gillette Stadium...

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Sat Sep 13 15:42:57 EDT 2008

I had some surplus pieces of electronic gizmos hanging around the house, so
I brought them down to the Sony/Waste Management pickup zone established at
Gillette Stadium today.  Very nice...they directed each person's car to a designated
spot like at Tanglewood, and retrieved everything anyone had in his or her car;  it
was not required to get out of the car.  Anyway, I returned northward on Route 1,
and since I was travelling that way anyway, I ventured over to the tri-partite
antenna array in Newton.  WKOX-AM was blasting away from there and even in STA
status may very well be the most powerful signal emanating from 750 Sawmill Brook
Pahkway.  Oak Hill is a mixed-income neighborhood (although it appears that in
the recent past, some folks have come in, torn down the housing stock and built
a few McMansions).  If there are any Spanish-speakers there, they have three 
outlets from which to choose.  (But if they want to hear the Red Sox games en Espagnol,
they may be out of luck:  WKOX at less than full wattage just splatters over WWDJ-AM
1150.  And Disney radio 1260..not a chance.

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