[B-R-I] It's Happened...1.200-WKOX Now "Newton"!

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sat Sep 13 11:11:07 EDT 2008

I listened early this morning (it was before 6:30AM sunrise, I
believe) and did not notice a difference. I also did not catch a legal
ID. However, during the STA period, WKOX is authorized to use only 10
kW-D and 1 kW-N (the Framingham powers) with the Newton array. This is
true EXCEPT when proof of performance measurements are being made. At
such times, the full CP power of 50 kW-U is permitted with the new
patterns. Thanks to your posting, I just tuned in again (10:50AM
Saturday) and I still can't say that the signal sounds any stronger
than the old Framingham signal; it might even be weaker.

WUNR is supposedly running 5 kW with its new pattern and allegedly has
been doing so for several months. I can believe that WUNR is using its
new pattern, but I find the idea that they are using 5 kW hard to
believe. I know that the signal in this direction (~355 degrees true)
with 1/4 of the 20-kW CP power is supposed to be a lot weaker than the
old 5 kW (because of the new pattern, which is much more restrictive
to the north and the new, shorter, less efficient towers).
Nevertheless, I would not expect the 1600 signal to be as bad as it
is. WUNR is totally gone at night and is extremely weak by day.

WUNR is nowhere near as strong as WRCA, which, of course, is weaker
than it used to be from Waltham because the new site is so much
further from me and also because it, too, is supposed to be running 5
kW-U under STA (vs the CP powers of 25 kW-D--five towers/17 kW-N--four
towers). But WRCA comes in pretty well day and night. (On paper, using
the CP powers, because the night pattern is "fatter" than the day
pattern, the night signal is supposed to be slightly stronger here
than the day signal, notwithstanding the lower night power. I
absolutely can't say that the night signal sounds stronger than the
day signal.)

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> Noted 1.200-WKOX in real strong at South Station all night and
> caught their 1am ID as "WKOX-Newton/WXKS-Everett-Boston".
> So now let speculation and rumor about format flips and talk show
> raids begin:
>    "...Clear Channel grabs their shows from 'RKO' and goes talk;
>     'RKO throws in the talk towel and flips to hip-hop;
>     'BZ considers going 24 hr. infomercial;
>     'CRB enters talks with The Weather Channel about being the
>     flagship affiliate of their new 24hr. radio weather network;
>     'BOS finally gives up on music and inaugurates the newest
>     hot talk flavor of the week:  Country club golf and tennis
>     talk for seniors;
>     'FNX fires the entire..."!  P=)  P=)  P=)
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