Cart Machine
Fri Sep 12 03:53:45 EDT 2008

---- thomas heathwood <> wrote: 
> Any of you tech. folks have any tips on cleaning/de-mag. standard cart machines?  Was there a cartridge that did this (as with cassette
> machines) or was it commonly done by hand?  If anyone has such a cart cleaner,  I would appreciate hearing from you.
> Tom Heathwood<>


  a handful of q-tips and a bottle of rubbing alchohol aught to do it.  dip the q-tip in the alchohol, and swab the heads vigorously.  same with the pinch roller and capstain, although a final cleaning of the rubber pinch roller with a bit of paper towel helps to fully de-gunk the thing.

and take good care of your cart machine.  they are hard to find nowadays.

--Chuck Igo

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