How much $$ will TV stations save when they turn off theanalogtransmitters in Feb ?

Jim Hall
Mon Sep 8 09:10:12 EDT 2008

I must confess I was pleased when I recently set up my Sony DTV set. When
you first turn it on, it scans for analog and digital channels available
over the air. I have a rabbit ears antenna set up for the few occasions when
Comcast is off the air, but the reception with the rabbit ears has always
been very poor on analog channels (about 30 miles north of Boston). The set
scanned, and found all the Boston and NH digital stations and the reception
is just fine even with the rabbit ears. I have not noticed any loss of the
digital signal, even during the windy weather on the weekend.

Does anyone know if the analog/digital transition in Wilmington NC is
occurring as scheduled today?  There was some question about postponing the
transition because of the tropical storm.


 -using a passive indoor rabbit-ears/loop
-antenna, my guess is that if I needed to receive a low-band V DTV
-signal on this receiver, I'd at least have to purchase an antenna
-amplifier or an amplified antenna. I am located in Arlington Heights
-maybe 1/2 mile north of Route 2 Exit 57, which is also maybe 1/2 mile
-west of the top of Belmont hill. The TV is in a first-floor room.

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