Bob Gamere Indicted On Child Porn Charges

Mark Watson
Fri Oct 24 17:20:08 EDT 2008

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Copeland I think finally did go to WCVB a couple of years later and
> did mornings. WCVB at first had Bob Ryan ( not the sportswriter ) who
> then went on to a long career at WRC-TV in DC.

  I thought Bob Copeland was with WCVB on day one. I think Bob Ryan is still 
working in DC. I also recall another early WCVB meterologist, Bill Hovey. 
Was he handling the morning weather and replaced when Copeland came over to 

> Candlepins was the first show to beat Perry Mason reruns >on channel 5 
> that simply owned that timeslot. WCVB simply >continued to run Perry at 5 
> when they took over.

  The article in the Globe stated that "Candlepins" ran on Channel 7 from 
1973 to 1980. I know that WCVB had Perry Mason in the 5PM slot for a while, 
then later in the 70's they picked up the syndicated reruns of the early 
seasons of "All In The Family" which ran at 5:30. I don't recall what they 
ran at 5:00 before "Family". IIRC "Candlepins" still won the timeslot. In my 
house, since my dad was a big Archie Bunker fan, and my mom was a 
"Candlepins" fan, that led to our becoming a 2 television house. A small 
black & white TV was purchased and placed on the kitchen counter, which is 
what we watched Channel 7 at 5:30 on.


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