Entercom cuts Hopkins, adds Ingraham at WRKO

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Technically, the FCC considers Worcester to be part of the Boston
Market. It considers WVEI (AM), which is not audible in what most of
us would call the Boston market, to count towards Entercom's not
exceeding the Boston market ownership cap (eight stations maximum of
which no more than five can be in a single service--AM or FM). The
others are WAAF, WKAF, WMKK, WRKO, and WEEI. Similarly, WSRS counts
towards Clear Channel's not exceding the cap. Its others are WJMN,
WXKS-FM, WKOX, and WXKS (AM). Unless I've missed some stations,
Entercom has six stations (three AM and three FM) in the market and
Clear Channel has five (two AM and three FM).

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>Recently WTKK added local talk weeknights in place of the tape
>delayed Laura Ingraham, with Curtis
>Sliwa (though some wonder if Sliwa's show may soon go national?
>WTKK was simulcasting him with
>WABC after the recent debates). Now Ingraham has turned up at WRKO,
>weekday mornings from
>10 to noon, in place of Reese Hopkins. Hopkins has been cut (along
>with two producers for
>Tom Finneran at WRKO, a producer for Greg Hill at WAAF, and some
>other staffers).

Although WRKO will be carrying just the two final hours of the Laura
Ingraham show,
and for now, WNSH-AM 1570, Beverly  airs all three hours, I'm sure the
"geniuses" at WRKO will figure out that it's not a good idea to have a
radio station pretty much in the same market carrying the same
show at the same time. (WCRN of course is in a different market.)
Thus, WNSH
will probably have to find a new female-hosted show to place in that
R:  Apparently WNSH is willing to make changes to its lineup;  they
replaced that
trainwreck of a talk show, Tammy Bruce (who seemed to attract NO
callers at all) with
Monica Crowley in the same time slot. Well there is one obvious
candidate, although
her show is definitely NOT a right-wing clone like Ingraham and
Crowley: namely
Stephanie Miller.  I'd guess that the return of Steph to the Boston
market would even
engender a column from Clea Simon of the Boston Globe!  *Um, let me
rephrase that:
I'd guess that the return of Steph to the Boston market would even
engender a column
from Jessica Heslam of the Chicopee Herald.  This bears watching.

*For those of you haven't heard the news, Clea Simon's "Radio Tracks"
column is
being deleted from the Globe's pages.

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