Radio Derry AM1700 shuts down

John Bolduc
Mon Oct 13 14:48:11 EDT 2008

>From the Radio Derry site

Radio Derry has ceased broadcasting as of October 4th, 2008. With many media alternatives, the decision was made to shut down. Thank you to the many sponsors and listeners who supported Radio Derry AM 1700 since the spring of 2006. 

- - 

I'm sorry to see this station leave. Even though it only had a range of a couple of miles, it had a button on my car radio and could be heard thoughout downtown and over to Interstate 93.

A very well produced loop of national and local news, information and weather. Current time and temperature too.  Oh well, no more hearing snappy ads for Rig-a-Toni's Restaurant.

Down the dial a bit, a licensed station at 1610AM is run by Derry's Emergency management. Using a boring loop, but readily updated when bad weather or current events dictate an update in the loop.  Range is about 4-6 miles, so I can get this station at home on the ourskirts of Derry.

John B

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