Former Boston Radio Station Owner Makes News Again

Wed Oct 8 21:19:14 EDT 2008

You couldn't have let us know that the gentleman is Anthony
Martin-Trigona disgraced one-time owner of WDLW 1330 here (now WRCA)
and stations in Ohio as well, I believe. Wasn't one of the Ohio
stations the famous WGTZ (FM) in Eaton OH, a Dayton suburb? WGTZ is
perhaps best known among radio buffs for the legal ID that best
disguised a suburban CoL: "WGTZ, eatin' Dayton alive." (Get it? eatin'

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The former owner of a Boston-area radio station is in the news right
for all the wrong reasons.  A person going by the name "Andy Martin"
a guest on a Fox News Channel show, "Sean Hannity's America".  On this
"fair and balanced" network, Mr. "Martin" was given ample free rein to
impugn Senator Obama, which of course is his right.  Mr. Hannity, who
can't stop commenting on the Senator's past associations, let pass Mr.
"Martin's" own life story.  This link details some of the problem
in his curriculum vitae:

The following story on Scott's NERW details some of Mr. "Martin's"
misadventures hereabouts: (WARNING...this link contains msg)

Scott includes a link to "Andy Martin's" website that does not
include a reference to his radio-station-owning tenure in Boston.

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