Rep Markey introduces bill (HR7157) to require all radios to recieve HD & Satellite

Sid Schweiger
Mon Oct 6 13:24:17 EDT 2008

>> House Rep Markey has introduced bill HR 7157 to require all AM/FM radios
> sold in the US to include HD and satellite.  Here's the boost that HD need
> to become viable.

Lovely.  I'm glad to see that Markey is continuing to do everything he
can to earn my distrust.  Sounds like it's time to write Another

Markey is the chairman of the House committee that oversees telecommunications, and unfortunately that places him in the category of "knows just enough to be dangerous," not to mention "in someone's pocket."  The NAB gave him a lot of money over the years, and this is a bill the NAB desperately wants, while the rest of the world ramps up its indifference to HD.  The FCC considered such a move as a condition of permitting the Sirius-XM merger, and rejected it, so it looks like the NAB is trying to out-flank them.

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