Letter/number nicknames, and "rounding off"...

Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Mon Oct 6 07:35:37 EDT 2008

>>I regularly listen to WFCR online, and they don't ID that way.  Why
WDRC-FM-HD1 and not WDRC-HD or WDRC-FM-HD?<<

First:  The assigned call sign is WDRC-FM, so it must be stated exactly that way in the legal ID.

Second:  Since HD running in extended hybrid mode is capable of three secondary channels plus a data channel, ID'ing as HD does not identify which HD channel is simulcasting the analog channel.  HD1 makes that clear.

Are you sure WFCR is running HD, and if so, are you sure they're not ID'ing as WFCR, WFCR-HD1 on the air (remember there's no legal ID requirement for online stations)?

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