Fire alarms going off at Ch 7

Richard Chonak
Mon Oct 6 04:59:00 EDT 2008

On 10/06/2008 12:11 AM, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> On 5 Oct 2008 at 19:09, Brian Vita wrote:
>> After all of the false alarms it should be "buy time or we will
>> mention your name on the air". [Brian Vita] 
> Reminds me of a vote we had in Brookline Town Meeting last spring to 
> name a new public park that was made from a former landfill site.  
> The Naming Committee recommended naming it "Skyline Park" as a place 
> holder (so people wouldn't call it "Landfill Park"), in the hope of 
> finding a corporate sponsor who would buy naming rights.  Someone 
> proposed that there are companies that might not want their names 
> associated with a former landfull site, and we should threaten to 
> name it after them without their consent and get them to pay us not 
> to do so.

Is this a difference between a town entity and the Dreaded Private 
Sector?   I assume that a radio station isn't free to attempt extortion.


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