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A. Joseph Ross
Fri Oct 3 01:33:51 EDT 2008

On 2 Oct 2008 at 20:30, Roger Kirk wrote:

> Eli Polonsky wrote:
> > ... if my home HD tuner loses a subchannel, it falls back to the
> > stations main analog channel, just like when it loses the HD-1. 

> Odd decision on the part of the architects.  I'd prefer silence. 
> Imagine if an AM radio lost a signal and just automatically scanned to
> the next higher signal on the band?

That's not the same.  Dropping back to the analog signal switches to 
the same program, and if it's done seamlessly enough, it can be 
preferable to silence.  Dropping to the next station up the band is 
to a different station and a different program.

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