old WBUR tower torn down

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sun Nov 30 23:41:58 EST 2008

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> I don't think they're talking about the Law School tower (if it's
> really on the Law School building--the tall building and the tower on
> top of it that are readily visible as you head east on the Mass Pike
> after you go though the Allston-Brighton tolls). AFAIK, that tower
> still stands and it is where I believe WBUR's aux antenna is located.
> Rather, I think the tower that came down was the one atop the low
> (three stories or so) building on Comm Ave that used to house the WBUR
> studios and SPRC. WBUR's antenna was on that tower before it moved to
> the tower atop the tall building. There is or was a large parking lot
> between the low building and Comm Ave. I always thought that the
> address of that building was 630 Comm Ave, but someone else gave a
> different address for it on this list a few days ago.

The street address for the "Comm Building" does appear to have changed. 
It was 630 Comm Ave when WBUR was there, from the fifties until the 
mid-nineties, when BUR moved down the street to 890 Comm Ave. More 
recently, the building has been known as 640 Comm Ave. I don't know why 
it changed - but that's the building that had the tower on top that was 
removed over the weekend.

The taller facility across the street is the Law School, and WBUR still 
has the aux up there.


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