Jackpot...was 30 Rock Studio 6-B

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Jackpot...starring Geoff Edwards. That brought back a memory I had not thought of in years...As a 14 yr old on a NYC trip with my parents in 1974, NBC was passing out audience tickets to anyone on the street who would take them to the pilot of Jackpot. So we all went inside and saw them tape "Banko" which was what the original name was. The broadcasting bug was just starting to bite and I paid more attention to the activity in the studio.....cameras,lights, microphones..than I did the show. 

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> While he has officially retired from NBC and has moved to
> Arizona,
> Lorne Michaels flies him in for SNL to this day.
> I have heard him tell the story that he was upset at NBC
> when they
> pulled the plug on a popular game show he was working on in
> 1975
> called Jackpot because they needed 8-H for SNL. He was
> convinced SNL
> would last 13 weeks.
> NBC wanted to move Jackpot to Burbank but producer Bob
> Stewart would
> not leave NYC because he had a cash cow at CBS called
> $10000 Pyramid
> that taped at the Sullivan.
> He also told the story of how his good friend Johnny Olson
> told him to
> stay in NY as Olson came to hate California but when
> Goodson-Todman
> stopped producing in NYC in favor of LA and Montreal (yes
> Montreal)
> Olson moved west.
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> > TVNETDUDE@aol.com wrote:
> >> And we  all know the story of how the announcer in
> 8-H told WNBC he
> >> would retire  when this new show he was given in
> 1975 was cancelled.
> >> Don Pardo really  never retired until he hit 90.
> > Someone should be helping Pardo with his memoir for
> goodness sake. What
> > are we waiting for, 100? Not that the next ten years
> won't be action
> > packed, but this guy _started_ his SNL gig when he was
> _57_. The stories
> > he could tell.  BTW, I thought I heard Pardo
> intro'ing the Palin bits
> > this season.
> >
> > Aside from Paul Harvey, there are few who have been
> behind a mic this
> > late in life.
> >
> > Bill O'Neill
> >


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