High School Football On The Radio

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Thu Nov 27 14:58:56 EST 2008

> last year WMWM aired the Salem/Beverly contest, not sure if they are
> this
> year. WCCM used to be the H.S. football leader even back in their
> daytimer
> days on 800, but today it's birdfeed talk.
[Brian Vita] 
I can vouch that WMWM did indeed air the Beverly/Salem game today as Mike S
and I handled the tech aspects of it.  One of our student DJ's, Brian
Davidson, hosted a pregame show that started at 9AM and included
pre-recorded interviews provided by the Moorestuff folks (Bill Newell and
Rick Moore).  At 9:50 we picked up the Moorestuffonline feed and went live
with it.

We had a minor glitch at halftime when the college's internet connection
went totally dead.  We couldn't get the feed/we couldn't drop the feed onto
our webstream.  We covered quickly with some music and then came back with a
cell phone feed until the internet line came back about 5 mins later.  The
segue between the phone and internet feeds was clean with the biggest
difference being the improvement in sound quality.

When the game ended we stayed with Moorestuff through some of their post
game show.  Brian Davidson did a post-game wrap up from our studio followed
by the 17 minute version of "Alice's Restaurant".  Brian returned after the
song, did a regional wrap up and then went back to our normal (automated alt
rock) programming at 1:45P.

The feed from Moorestuff was excellent and professional.  Brian D was a
seasoned pro behind the mic and also fielding calls off-air from local
listeners who called to thank us for running the feed.

Today's exercise was an example of local radio at its finest.  A small
college station with virtually no operating budget was able to pull this

I thank the folks at Moorestuffonline.com for working with us and the staff
at WMWM, with whom I work with, for making this happen.

Brian Vita, Tech Guy
WMWM Salem

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