Song Ma Nah Ma Nah

Thu Nov 27 07:35:28 EST 2008

So we have now established that the 1968 film whose sound track
included this song was an Italian film, not a Swedish one,
notwithstanding that Sweden is named in the film's title. But that
means that the song's name and its only lyric might be Italian. "Ma
Nah, Ma Nah" sounds a lot like the French "mais non, mais non!," which
translates into English as "but no, but no!" or "of course not!" The
Italian phrase that sounds like Ma Nah Ma Nah might have the same
meaning in English. So my first question is, was "Ma Nah Ma Nah"
actually intended to mean something in the film? And my second
question is did the Muppet version (and maybe even the Muppet
sequence) actually appear in the film? The song has been recorded by
probably dozens of groups. I did not think the Muppets had anything to
do with the film except that they were one of the groups that recorded
the song. But that might be wrong. Inquiring minds want to know.

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