Manilow Disorder

Maureen Carney
Wed Nov 26 17:25:35 EST 2008

Not sure about the origins of "Feelings" but Morris Albert is Brazilian. 

More torture can be had with these 70s favorites - "Let Her In" (by John Travolta) and "Convoy". My brother and I debate which one of those is the worst song of the 70s. He says the former, I say the later.

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It was my understanding that the song, Menomena (apparently primarily
associated today with the Muppets who performed it--you can find the
video at many Web sites), was originally heard in the sound-track of a
film (probably from the '60s) called "Heaven and Hell in Sweden."
Google gave me no hits on the film, however, so I don't know whether
the film--and probably the song--are really of Swedish origin.
However, I suspect that the film and the music originated there.

I think Morris Albert and his lachrymose songs are of French origin.

If I am correct, however, neither Minomena nor Feelings could
therefore qualify for an award for service to THIS country.
Dan Strassberg (
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> Mr. Manilow should be congratulated on his service to our country.

>Then, they queue up Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" followed
>up with Morris Albert's "Feelings." Stax-o-WACKS .

>b -

What?  You left off  "M'nah-m'nah"!

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