WABC could be (almost) all syndicated shows

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Nov 26 14:23:51 EST 2008

I guess WOR (Gambling, etc.) and WWRL (NYC's Air America station) do have some local
shows for local issues.

Here, it looked for awhile that WTKK would be non-stop local from 10 am till 1 am
with Graham, Eagan and Braude, Severin, McPhee, and Sliwa--then suddenly it became
apparent that Sliwa was aiming to do a national show instead of one just for WTKK.

WTKK doesn't have sports pre-empting a local show like McPhee (even WBZ's Dan
Rea has to put up with shot--SCORE!!! Bruins action cutting into his show)

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