The importance of local talk radio

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Nov 25 00:57:18 EST 2008

On 24 Nov 2008 at 20:59, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Met Bishop Sheen in 1970 when I worked on Cardinal Cushing's funeral
> and WNAC had him for commentary.
> Strange thing about how the funeral was covered. Back then there were
> only 3 color remote trucks in town (5,38 and 27) yet WNAC handled the
> pool coverage bringing in the WOR truck. I never found out the reason
> why RKO General took on that role.
> I remember on Saturday nights that Sheen later went head to head with
> Jackie Gleason on ABC after Dumont folded.

Bishop Sheen, on DuMont, was on Tuesday nights opposite Milton Berle 
and was the first program to give Berle ratings competition.  Berle 
commented that Bishop Sheen had better writers:  Mark, Matthew, Luke, 
....  Since his show was the Texaco Star Theater, he said that he and 
Bishop Sheen had the same sponsor:  Sky Chief.  (A few years later, 
he might have said "Sky Chief Supreme"!)

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