The importance of local talk radio
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WTIC was an NBC Red affiliate; WBZ/WBZA ?was NBC Blue---Of course that distinction went away when the Blue Network was sold off per government order?in 1943.? After that, until 1956 when WBZ dropped NBC, both stations were simply NBC?affiliates.

I always wondered why WTIC didn't pick up the CBS?affilation when WDRC dropped it in 1960.? It would have made sense for them to?have the radio have the same network as the TV.? I'm sure CBS would have been very happy with that arrangement. ??

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Along these lines, when WBZA was on the air in Springfield and both it and WBZ were NBC affiliates, was WBZA not broadcasting the same network programming that could be heard in the same area via WTIC in rtford? -Doug?
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>I remember that, the first time I visited Boston (summer of 1947,?
> IIRC), WLAW (licensed to Lawrence but covering Boston--though not?
> MetroWest by day--just as superbly as it does today) was an ABC?
> affiliate and so was WCOP 1150 (licensed to Boston). Even then, I was?
> a radio geek--although the term geek had not yet been coined, and I?
> wondered how many people in Boston listened to the ABC programming on?
> the better signal and how many listened on what was ostensibly the?
> local affiliate. Apparently, it was not all that uncommon back then?
> for people in some localities to be able to hear network programming?
> quite well on more than one station. I think the FCC rules in that day?
> prohibited two stations licensed to the same community from being?
> primary affiliates of the same radio network, but the rule said?
> nothing about stations whose coverage overlapped but were licensed to?
> different communities.?
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>> On 23 Nov 2008 at 19:22, Mark Watson wrote:?
>>> WRKO's signal blankets the Merrimack Valley day & night, yet I'm?
>>> sure many Lowell & Lawrence area folks listened to WLLH for their?
>>> top 40 fix back in the day.?
>> What I wonder about is why, in an earlier era, WLLH was a Yankee?
>> Network and Mutual affiliate when WNAC covered the area so well.?
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