Chickenman Boston connection?

John Francini
Fri Nov 21 17:35:12 EST 2008

I remember Chicken Man!  And Jim Runyon, too.  Good pipes.  Being  
completely ignorant of the Beatles at that age (I was 10 or so), I had  
no idea until years later that his sign-off was an instrumental  
version of Ringo Starr's "This Boy".

"A Runyon Named Jim".


On 21 Nov 2008, at 17:25, Roger Kirk wrote:

> Graham Junior College Class of 1969 class project was to produce a  
> documentary and chose Chickenman.  They had some episodes on vinyl  
> and it is noted that Jim Runyon was at WHDH.  They garnered a  
> telephone interview with Jim Runyon at his home.
> For more details & an audio clip:
> Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> I seem to recall at some point around 1970 or so the narrator of
>> Chickenman (Jim Runyon) worked at WHDH and I think came on after Jess
>> and was replaced by Stan Roberts who was best known in Buffalo.

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