Chickenman Boston connection?

Doug Drown
Fri Nov 21 17:55:04 EST 2008

You are absolutely correct.  I remember "Chickenman" very well, and I 
remember Jim Runyon working the 10 AM shift at WHDH after doing the 
"Chickenman" recordings.  (I'm not sure whether he was at KYW/WKYC or WCFL 
when he did them.  It was in the late '60s.  I used to hear the segments on 
Runyon wasn't at WHDH all that long, I don't believe --- maybe a year or 
two.   -Doug

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>I seem to recall at some point around 1970 or so the narrator of
> Chickenman (Jim Runyon) worked at WHDH and I think came on after Jess
> and was replaced by Stan Roberts who was best known in Buffalo.
> I am 85.0 percent positive Runyon worked at WHDH but his wiki only
> mentions Cleveland and Chicago.
> Runyon died in 1973 so it was before the switch to soft Top 40.
> This ring a bell with anyone? 

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