The importance of local talk radio

Jim Hall
Fri Nov 21 14:03:14 EST 2008

I've always wondered about the situation in Buffalo, NY (Entercom country).
The right-wing talk gets an 11 rating 12+ on WBEN with its 5 kw signal, and
the left-wing talk gets a 1.4 rating 12+ on WWKB with its 50 kw signal.
Wouldn't you think that Entercom would switch the programming between the
two stations since they own both?  Is WWKB that directional that they would
lose audience?  I do note that WWKB's rating is up 0.4 over this time last

-Some station owners are saying "we don't want to have to run liberal talk
because our ratings will suffer". Then libtalkers, do some good shows;
program directors, give them a shot. But I don't want "We're From The
Government And We're Here To Help You" to regulate program content.
Freedom of speech/freedom of the press, even on "the public's airwaves".


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