The importance of local talk radio

Fri Nov 21 12:36:52 EST 2008

If Santos's program lasts past 13 weeks, or maybe 26 (I'm not counting
on its longevity), I suspect that he will try for national
syndication. Isn't Peter B Collins tied in with Nova M? If so,
wouldn't that mean they are syndicating his show on WWZN and would be
behind syndication of Santos's show in other markets? I was never
tremendously impressed with Santos to begin with, but if his show goes
national, I would expect Boston-oriented content to be minimal.

You can chalk this up as wild conspiracy theory, but I suspect that
the money beind airing these Progressive talk programs on WWZN most
likely comes from an anonymous right-wing benefactor, who is out to
prove that, since Boston is now getting Progressive talk on a 50 kW
commercial station, the Fairness Doctrine is not an issue. As you
know, the righties are absolutely paranoid about the Democrats' trying
to restore the Fairness Doctrine even though Presdient-elect Obama has
said he is not interested in seeing that happen.

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The addition of local progressive talk shows to the Boston radio dial
is encouraging, as (yes,
"All politics is local", Tip...) the essence of political talk radio
is not just what's
going on nationally but what's going on down the street.

On WRKO, Tom Finneran had left-and-right participants talk about the
election, locally
and nationally, and Howie Carr was on top of the Wilkerson scandal and
toll hike
proposals. Michelle McPhee on WTKK has helped to organize a protest
against toll
hikes, on- and off-air, and WBZ's Dan Rea has tackled the local issues
as well.
Having local hosts on WWZN will further enrich the conversation (and
again remember that
a daily local host was something Clear Channel did NOT do with WXKS
and WWZN).

It's important that the local issues get discussed rather than just
"turning on
the bird" to save money. And, oh, what's this? A Boston city
councillor has
also been ensnared in a bribery scandal?

Thankfully local talk radio is there, and it shouldn't have to take a
Doctrine or "local origination" law to get it on the air. (Live and
talk can indeed do well, not just here but elsewhere...WNIR in
Kent/Akron Ohio
comes to mind, as it usually tops the ratings...)

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