BRW: WWZN to air Santos progressive talk show

Bob Nelson
Fri Nov 21 02:31:05 EST 2008

WWZN will also run a show with Peter Collins weeknights from 6-9 pm and a national show
will be added in January. Santos said in a post on the Save Prog. Radio Boston yahoo group
that the effort is being made to make the station a 24/7 home for progressive talk.

(Now hold on there, pardner! We've got the Fairness Doctrine coming in. That means
you have to run an equal amount of conservative shows! :)

(Just kidding, though, of course if the F.D. means equal time for conservatives on
WWZN, it would mean equal time for liberals on WTKK and WRKO...though not every
host there is necessarily conservative...) :)

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