Sirius XM stock tanking

Don A
Thu Nov 20 01:42:46 EST 2008

> As WiFi gets more widespread services like Pandora will hurt them evenb
> more.

I think wi-fi in cars is a long way off.

When I think of how hard it is to get a cell-phone signal coverage in some
area (No, I don't mean downtown Boston), and the spotty reception for even
Verizon (supposedly the best) in northern New England...I don't think anyone
is going to blanket wi-fi entire listening areas without a lot of 'growing

People put up with cell phone dropouts and dead zones as usage
grew...because people wanted to the convenience.
(Same thing at the airport, people put up with all sorts of crap because
they don't want to be without the convenience of being able to hop on a
plane and be across the country in a few hours.)

I have been in airport terminals that are supposed to have wi-fi and had
trouble conencting.  I've been in cafe's and hotels that offer wi-fi...and
had trouble conencting.

I don't think people care that much about radio, nor is there enough
compelling content that people will endure the costs, efforts and what will
probably start out as spotty reception and questionable performance.

I hear that "Wi-Fi in the car is coming"...but mainly from other radio geeks
like us...who WANT that to happen.  (I DO!)  But I don't think the average
person/consumer is driving this product.

Satellite radio is more reliable...and the average person is not that
interested in that!

I say...10 years.

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