Sirius XM stock tanking

Larry Weil
Wed Nov 19 19:41:25 EST 2008

At 4:48 PM -0600 11/19/08, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>Sirius XM closed at .16 cents today.
>With nobody buying new cars theuir is little hope for growth.
>I suspect Sirius may close the NY studios and move everything to DC
>simply to save on rent.

They have already cancelled many of the channels that originated from 
New York, so now, as of last Wednesday, most of the music channels on 
Sirius are the same ones that were on XM.  And they managed to upset 
a number of their customers in the process, by making the changes 
without telling anyone.  Those who read the various blogs and boards 
such as and knew that the change was coming, 
but not the details.  So a lot of people got in their cars last 
Wednesday morning to find out their favorite channel had disappeared 
or been changed.  They are slowly restoring some of the programs that 
they got the most complaints about, Vin Scelsa resumed today on The 
Loft (Sirius 29, XM50).

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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