Radio, TV Would Be Deeply Affected By Big Three Demise

Laurence Glavin
Wed Nov 19 18:12:39 EST 2008

I was getting my daily "progressive" fix at, and noticed
an entry about the effect that a failure to bail out the "Big Three" auto
makers would have on TV (and by extension radio).  A H-U-G-E percentage of
auto brand-name and dealer commercials appear on the only programs on Boston-
area TV stations I ever see: the local news.  Sometimes they run one right 
after attempt seems to be made to provide separation from 
competitors.  I sometimes hear auto spots on radio, although most seem to 
be for advertisers that provide support to the auto firms, like Auto Zone 
and Direct Tire.  From time to time, I've wondered how effective all this
indistinguishable advertising can be (you know, ususally red vehicles all
by themselves, not in traffic, just racing along);  maybe if domestic auto makers
just barely survive (and the foreign-owned manufacturers don't seem to be 
doing all that well either), television and radio stations may experience cutbacks 
anyway.  And if it hits the newscasts especially hard, a few reporters and 
anchors (are two REALLY needed?) could be asking if you want paper or plastic.

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