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Same Bob Crane who would become Col Hogan?

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I've been friends with Michael Collins for years, but haven't ehard the
story about WICC-TV and The $100 in years, so I couldn't rememebr exact what
the story behind it was.

Paul Walker

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 6:26 AM, Bill Dillane <dillane@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> > A similar situation occured in Bridgeport, CT at WICC-TV (Channel 43) in
> > 1960.  The first caller to Channel 43 within the allotted time would win
> a
> > crisp new $100 bill.  Nobody called.  The next day, WICC-TV went silent,
> > with the FCC's blessing.
> >I believe it was Morgan Kayolian who was the one who made the offer right?
> >He was a traffic reporter for years.
> >Michael Collins told me that story once!
> According to WICC's website, Bob Crane made the offer on his TV show.  But
> Morgan Kayolian did skits on Bob's show, so I think Morgan provided the
> money and actually showed it.  Also, Michael Collins is an expert on CT
> broadcast history, and worked with Morgan at WICC. :)
> Channel 43 info
> http://www.wicc600.com/wiccclock.htm
> Morgan Kaolian at WICC
> http://www.wicc600.com/morgan.htm
> Bob Crane at WICC
> http://www.wicc600.com/bobcrane.htm

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