Doug Drown
Tue Nov 18 08:42:29 EST 2008

Your mention of WICC-TV brings back a memory that also elicits a question. 
The old WATR-TV in Waterbury, originally on Channel 53 and later on Channel 
20, was at first (IIRC) affiliated with ABC and later with NBC --- this in a 
city that is, I'm guessing, no more than 30 miles at most from New Haven, 
where there was also an ABC affiliate (Channel 8), or 20 miles from New 
Britain, where there was another NBC affiliate (Channel 30).   Why was there 
a perceived need for either network to have another affiliate in Waterbury? 
Was it because of the hilly terrain and poor signal quality from New Britain 
and New Haven?   This situation lasted for years until the station finally 
became independent.

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>A similar situation occured in Bridgeport, CT at WICC-TV (Channel 43) in 
>1960.  The first caller to Channel 43 within the allotted time would win a 
>crisp new $100 bill.  Nobody called.  The next day, WICC-TV went silent, 
>with the FCC's blessing.
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>> My Dad told the story of how WTAO-TV ended.
>> One night they invited viewers to send a post card for a
>> sweepstakes
>> drawing worth $500 ( a huge sum 50 years ago ) They wanted
>> to show
>> advertisers that people were watching.
>> Not a single card came in and they pulled the plug. Luckily
>> for my Dad
>> he hooked up with channel 5 a few months later.
>> On 11/17/08, chris2526 <> wrote:
>> > Dan, I remember the big WCAS sign in Central Square
>> having a scroll
>> > at the very bottom: Kaiser-Globe Broadcasting.
>> >

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