Automotive Radio

Eli Polonsky
Tue Nov 18 03:32:44 EST 2008

> From: "SteveOrdinetz" <>
> Re: Automotive Radio
> Monday, November 17, 2008 9:02 AM
> Wasn't the Supertuner made by Pioneer?  Had one of those 
> in the early 80s and it was a total POS, totally deaf on 
> both bands.  Frequency response on AM didn't even make it 
> to 2000Hz.

It was only the first run of Pioneer Supertuners made in the
mid-70s, the under-dash models (mounted with a bracket) that
had a round FM tuning dial, cassette, and NO AM section, that
had amazing reception. 

The in-dash Supertuners made after that were run-of-the-mill
conventional aftermarket car stereos. I had two original round
dial Supertuners. One got stolen, and I used the other into the 
mid-90s when it fried due to a wiring short. It got WMFO from
Tufts University in Natick, in their null direction in which
they put out something like only two watts ERP. It also got
WMBR in their 200 watt days on Old Orchard Beach in Maine.


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