Automotive Radio

Mon Nov 17 09:02:05 EST 2008

Kelleher, Daniel <> wrote:
> Ooooooh yes.
> It goes back even further, for GM it was 1975. Think the in glass
> antenna was about that time too. GM/Delco reduced the sensitivity of all
> AM car radios and introduced mono/stereo blending in 1975. I bought a
> 1976 Blazer and the dealer changed the radio twice. Still the same. Met
> with the GM zone rep. He told me this was a "new feature" so listeners
> would only receive local stations". He sent me the GM advisory touting
> these improvements. which were in response to customers complaints of
> too much static and too many stations showing up on the AM band...if you
> think they are deaf today, it is thousands or times better. BTW the
> Kenwood Supertuner was the solution for FM back then, as sensitive as
> anything we have today.

I'm not so sure about that.  My wife's '99 Monte Carlo has an
excellent radio, on both AM & FM.  I had a couple early-90's vintage
GM vehicles and the radios in them were very good as well.

Wasn't the Supertuner made by Pioneer?  Had one of those in the early
80s and it was a total POS, totally deaf on both bands.  Frequency
response on AM didn't even make it to 2000Hz.

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