Something to watch out for...

Kevin Vahey
Mon Nov 17 13:10:56 EST 2008

One option for Channel 50 is the MeTV format which is similar to TV
Land that is offered by WCIU-TV in Chicago. WCIU transmits it on LP
channel 23 and also on a sub-channel on 26-DT. WCIU has been very
creative in using all their sub-channels.

50 with their digital transmitter is no longer plauged with the washed
out look of their old analog transmitter which gave them the look of
local access.

Ansin holds all the cards here. He would demand a steep price as he
has never forgotten how NBC put the screws to him with WSVN.

On 11/17/08, Maureen Carney <> wrote:
> If MyTV were to go 56 and CW to 38, what happens to WZMY? They're once again
> out in the cold and I get the feeling that they're existing on the money
> MyTV was throwing at affiliates. IIRC the original plan was to run MyTV on
> off-hours (12p-3p) on WFXT. In fact Fox25 promoed many of the early MyTV
> shows that way on their morning news. WZMY signed up only a week before the
> network's debut, so there's no loyalty there. I think there may be a real
> possibility of the station going dark.

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