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A. Joseph Ross
Mon Nov 17 01:30:05 EST 2008

On 16 Nov 2008 at 14:21, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> I am surprised that WHDH didn't move everything to the WLVI complex
> and sell the Government Center building given how much more valuable
> real estate is downtown.
> WLVI would have offered easier parking for newstrucks and employee
> parking and the studio was certainly big enough to build a newsroom.

Makes a lot of sense, but I wonder if there are countervailing 
reasons for not doing so.  Right now, the real estate market is 
depressed, so if anyone wanted to sell the downtown building, they 
might think they could get more if they waited awhile.

And maybe there is an advantage for news to being downtown.  They 
could get a reporter up to the statehouse or to the courthouses much 
faster than the competition.  

I do recall that in the days following the 1978 blizzard, what was 
then called "Newsroom 7" was the site of Governor Dukakis's daily 
press briefings because of its convenient location, and the other 
stations picked up the feed from channel 7.

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