Is WBZ the only TV and AM left in New England?

Doug Drown
Sun Nov 16 20:51:10 EST 2008

"Obama 1260"???   
--- And the format is . . . ?

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  You have WRC, the NBC O&O in DC, with radio station WWRC, which used to be WRC (The Great 98) but got moved down the dial to 570 and had to add the extra W, it has since been shifted to 1260, with the same WWRC, now known as "Obama 1260" and owned by Red Zebra, the company owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, Red Zebra owns a handful of AM stations in DC.

  So I guess they are no longer connected, but the calls remain, with that extra W.


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    I don't think there are many of the old radio-TV combos left ANYWHERE in the U.S. anymore.  Outside WBZ, the only ones that come to my mind (right off the top of my head, admittedly,) are WGN in Chicago; WSB in Atlanta; WTMJ in Milwaukee; KSL in Salt Lake City; WBAL in Baltimore; the other CBS/Westinghouse O&Os; and the former ABC O&Os, the radio components of which are now owned by Citadel, of course, which is kinda-sorta connected to ABC.

    After 25+ years I'm still miffed that GE sold WGY and WRGB, to say nothing of later unloading the NBC Radio O&Os and the entire radio network.  Never should have happened.


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      I forgot about New Haven and I wasn't sure if WZON was WLBZ.

      I guess TV stations unloaded radio as they became to much work to
      maintain ( pre-satellite days ) while TV you just hit the network
      button and the money rolled in. 

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