Is Art Lake (WJAR) still alive?

Doug Drown
Sun Nov 16 18:43:34 EST 2008

FWIW, George Hale still does occasional sports commentary and other gigs for 
WABI-TV, where he began in 1953, and until very recently he was doing the 
morning show at formerly co-owned WABI AM, which is now Bangor's WEEI 
affiliate.  George can still be heard weekday mornings doing local talk with 
co-host Ric Tyler on WABI's sister station WVOM (FM), where he's working 
full-time.  I'm not certain of his exact age, but he's a very active 75-ish.


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> Yes, Art is still with us. However, he is now retired after suffering a 
> stroke back in '05.  John Quill was with WWLP since 1953 until he passed 
> away a few years ago.  Even though John Quill was on the air for many, 
> many years, Art Lake was on the air in New England for nearly 60 years. 
> Both Art and John are true New England legends.  A hard act to follow.
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>> Just wondering if anybody on the list knows if Art Lake is
>> still
>> alive. He was still on the air as late as 2005 when he
>> suffered a
>> stroke.
>> There is a misconception that John Quill was on the air at
>> WWLP longer
>> than anyone in New England but I think Art Lake has that
>> honor.
>> He was hired by WJAR radio in 1944 and moved to TV in 1949.
>> Professor Halper perhaps he should be honored given that
>> WJAR's
>> coverage area included much of southeastern Massachusetts
>> and if he is
>> still alive he must have a treasure of stories he can tell.
>> I notice the Wikipedia entry about WJAR has one major
>> error. It says
>> the station was still in the Outlet building when it was
>> destroyed by
>> fire but in fact they had moved to new studios 2 blocks
>> away in the
>> late 70's. Outlet then fled to Cranston when Mayor
>> Buddy Cianci who
>> was a frequent target raised their property tax bill by ten
>> times.
>> Outlet got even by selling the studios to a local college
>> taking it
>> off the tax rolls completely.
>> Outlet had no use for radio as they donated WJAR-FM to
>> Brown
>> University (now WBRU) and sold off WJAR-AM (now WHJJ) for
>> cheap money.

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